Monday, July 2, 2012

Featuring: The Fat Kid Inside

Months ago, Sandra showed me the food blog of Erwan Heussaff ( and I had not appreciated it until now.

But before that, for those who don't know him, he's the 240 lbs.-turned-150 hottie and the boyfriend of Anne Curtis. He overcame his then sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits through "pure dedication, tireless hours of hard work and yes, food." He now puts effort in cooking healthy, well-prepared dishes and is now featured in a show "Hot Guys Who Cook". ♥

I was browsing through the newspaper yesterday and I saw this article featuring him. I'd like to share two things from the article that this blog looks up to (and which I shall take to heart):

“I really put a lot of work into the blog, as I’m trying to differentiate myself from other food bloggers. I don’t do food/restaurants reviews, post off topic or just take pictures; I make videos and I make an effort to actually write engaging pieces that tie into the recipe I’m about to present.” In it, he converses with his readers and tries to help with their struggles. “I know what it feels like to be fat and helpless and I think I can help people become healthier and find happiness again."

And what really, really struck me (and encouraged me a lot!)...

For a Business major that “never attended culinary school, nor do I ever intend of becoming a professional chef,” Erwan in more interested in thinking up “food concepts (from industrial catering to retail) and still be able to go in the kitchen and be able to talk the chef’s language.”

I'm new to this. I started this blog a few months ago although I've thought of it for years. I always feared that I would not be able to make good reviews and recipes because I've never been taught how to cook nor have I attended any cooking class. But Erwan here, even without the "food education", shows just dedication and love for food-- put those together and everything else will follow. I'll take that from him.

See full article here.


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