Friday, July 13, 2012

David's Tea House @ Greenbelt 1

Thank God for malls near our office! Whenever we crave for something, we can always go and check for restaurants that offer them. So a while ago we had Chinese food for lunch because Ms. Bless was craving for dimsum. We had lemon chicken (P245), yang chow (P180), assorted dimsum (P255), and for dessert, steamed cuapao with condensed milk (P60). And guess how many we were? THREEEEE. :))

We're growing girls! :)

Their version of Lemon Chicken was more sour than the others. The sauce was much more thick and yellow than those I've tried before.

Then of course.... The assorted dimsum platter! Sandra coined a new term-- "Disco Dimsum"-- because she took a photo of 'em, clicked on the "Disco Effect" on her app, and got really colorful dimsum lol

Shiny Hakaw close-up photo! Mmmm, 90% shrimp! They also have beef meatballs, shrimp siomai, shark's din dumpling, and two other more that I don't know. :)) So you get two pieces for each kind. I really love their shrimps-- juicy and tasty. Finally, dimsum craving-- satisfied!


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    1. Me too! But sadly they don't have Xiaolongbao in David's. That's yummy too.