Monday, August 13, 2012

... is where my heart is

Last week, Metro Manila was struck by super rains that caused floods everywhere even in places that were never hit before. But being one of the most hard hit areas during Typhoon Ondoy last 2009 (we live in Provident Village!) eyes were on us if we would be AGAIN submerged in roof-high floods.

After the storm, people kept asking me if whether we would transfer to another house. Truth is, it never crossed my mind because our home is where my heart is. During summers, our house would serve as a resting place for me after a tiring day. It's accessible, it's quiet, peaceful, with small parks and convenient stores here and there, also with wide roads where my younger siblings can play. I've lived there all my life and I can't make myself hate it if once in a while our place gets flooded.

Then of course more than the house, God is where my heart is. <3 I say that I love God, but I have to say that I can also trust in Him. At the end of the day, worrying gets me nowhere. Then I realize that I can't do anything about future floods or other calamities and disasters. Well sure I can transfer, but wherever God wants to strike, He will strike, and whatever He wants to spare, He will spare. During the storm, I kept praying that God spare our house from another tragic Ondoy. When we learned that the water level inside our house only reached chest-high, we were sooo happy :)))) At least this time, the floods subsided faster, we had electricity the next day, there was not much mud inside, and we were able to save a lot of our things.

Five days after the flood, our house looks a bit gloomy, we're all tired from cleaning the never-ending mess the flood left, we have to sleep on the floor using thin mattresses because our beds are still wet, then if we needed something we had to look for them in piles and piles of other things.

But soon it will past, things will get back to normal. Now I can only pray that God gives us strength and extra patience (Yes, I am crankier than usual which I am trying to avoid) so that soon, soon, soon, we could fully move-on....

...And get ready for the next storms coming! :)))

My younger sister

Wash, wash, wash
Santa didn't reach Christmas :(

Everything's rusted

Even this robot's all muddy and gloomy

Spot me spotting these antiques

Trash at the Marikina Riverbanks


  1. Buti ok lang kayo. :) Love love. ♥

    1. Yep! Even your favorite dooogs! :)) Miss you!