Thursday, August 30, 2012

Russian Cookie House @ The Podium

Last, last week, my good friend Fei invited me to have dinner at The Podium (Ortigas Center). It was so nice of her to treat me. We ate at UCC (which was super expensive but really, really yummy) then had dessert at the Russian Cookie House which she was an Online Marketing Consultant of.

Fei said that the cookies are oh-so-perfect with tea so we bought cold teas for P95 each. There were a lot of flavors to choose from-- all unique and healthy. I got the "Diet Green Tea with Ginseng" and if Diet tasted that good always then it should never be a problem.

Then for the cookies, we just bought a whole box that already had varied flavors. Our box contained:
Linzer Schnitte or Torte (Austrian pastry flavored with cinnamon and clove, topped with sour cherry jam)

White and Black Almond Cookies (Coated with chocolate and topped with almonds)

Black Russians (Chocolate cookie covered with bittersweet chocolate with walnut center and choco sprinkles outside)

Pistachio Cookies (Butter cookies topped with bittersweet chocolate and chopped pistachios)

The whole box (with 12 pieces) cost around P220, which is worth the price because the presentation of the cookies and the packaging were already nice and sosyal. The following day I bought another box to give as a gift. Well for the taste, I didn't like them at first but it became really delightful when I ate it while sipping tea. Fei said that the cookies went also great with coffee. There's something about the cookie texture that makes it go well with both beverages. Plus, I love the fact that it doesn't make me guilty after munching them all. :)
Great tea + Cookies = Perfect tea party/ tea bonding :))

Check out their full list of cookies here.