Friday, March 16, 2012

Celebrate with Amber's

The restaurant's name is Amber but everybody calls it Ambers or Amber's. So anyway, we had a "last-day-of-classes" celebration (I'm taking up a course in Global Leadership Center) and we decided to get Ambers for dinner.

First time I heard about Ambers was last Christmas. It's crazy to call up Ambers during Christmas! Everyday I would try to call and their lines would always be busy. Come February, we tried to call them up again for an officemate's birthday and, finally, they responded! Took 2 hours though for delivery even if we're in the same area. Conclusion: DINE-IN is the way to go.

Their pichi-pichi is the restaurant's pride. They have three kinds: the one with cheese, the one with coconut, and the one with honey roasted peanuts. The pichi-pichi with cheese is the best and far, far, far better than the three.

Besides this, they have lots of good food! Must-tries are their malabon and lengua (ox tongue) in mushroom sauce! They also serve "extra" mushroom sauce that you can just pour over your food or rice. Also makes a good dip for their chicken lollipop. My friends loved the chicken lollipop but I didn't like it that much. It was kind of dry.

Lastly, they also accept bulk orders so whenever a party or celebration is happening, Ambers can provide reliable good food that's plenty to share.

Telephone Numbers:
884-8888 / 884-2222 / 845-0964 / 843-8722 / 886-1313
Website: (they have their menu posted here)


  1. I like Amber's pichi-pichi but I find Arny and Dading's (hope I spell that right) more tasty, with lots more cheese. Softer, too :)

    1. Haven't tried it YET. But if that's the one from Manila I keep hearing about, baka yun na yun :)

  2. I'm curious with the one with peanuts. But I love their pichi-pichi with niyog and pancit! :D