Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kicking-off Holy Week

I wonder if Holy Week is ever celebrated this "special" in other parts of the world. I checked Wikipedia, and two countries have detailed descriptions of Holy Week celebrations-- the Philippines. And Spain. Go figure.

And please do not use "Easter" for Sunday when speaking of the Holy Week celebration. It's another occasion. Easter comes from the name of a goddess in Germanic paganism.While eggs and bunnies symbolize " love and carnal pleasure that leads to fecundity" which the goddess is known for. So don't confuse it with the Resurrection day. :)

Anyway. For the Holy Week my friends and I went to Sierra Madre Resort in Tanay, Rizal because they have their own prayer mountain (along with swimming pools, picnic groves, a zipline, trekking trail, etc.). Entrance fee is only P50 or P150 (if you're going to use the pools). Picnic area is soooo big and serene. Great for bonding over nature's landscapes.


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