Friday, March 16, 2012

Celebrate with Amber's

The restaurant's name is Amber but everybody calls it Ambers or Amber's. So anyway, we had a "last-day-of-classes" celebration (I'm taking up a course in Global Leadership Center) and we decided to get Ambers for dinner.

First time I heard about Ambers was last Christmas. It's crazy to call up Ambers during Christmas! Everyday I would try to call and their lines would always be busy. Come February, we tried to call them up again for an officemate's birthday and, finally, they responded! Took 2 hours though for delivery even if we're in the same area. Conclusion: DINE-IN is the way to go.

Their pichi-pichi is the restaurant's pride. They have three kinds: the one with cheese, the one with coconut, and the one with honey roasted peanuts. The pichi-pichi with cheese is the best and far, far, far better than the three.

Besides this, they have lots of good food! Must-tries are their malabon and lengua (ox tongue) in mushroom sauce! They also serve "extra" mushroom sauce that you can just pour over your food or rice. Also makes a good dip for their chicken lollipop. My friends loved the chicken lollipop but I didn't like it that much. It was kind of dry.

Lastly, they also accept bulk orders so whenever a party or celebration is happening, Ambers can provide reliable good food that's plenty to share.

Telephone Numbers:
884-8888 / 884-2222 / 845-0964 / 843-8722 / 886-1313
Website: (they have their menu posted here)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Share the love

For two years, I’ve been thinking whether I should put up a Personal-slash-Food Blog or not, which finally I did at last!
 One thing that really hindered me from making the blog was my credibility in the food industry. To be honest, I am someone who doesn’t even know how to cook food! So who would want to read  a food blog when the writer couldn’t even appreciate the process or the preparation of food?

But anyway, thing is: I JUST LOVE FOOD. <3 Whenever I step in into a restaurant, I enjoy the ambiance and the surroundings (meticulously observing the set-up, designs, and its people); I carefully look at the menu and its pictures; I appreciate a restaurant’s value for its customers’ money; and, of course, when the food arrives,  I savor each bite, already having continuous thoughts of what’s good and what’s bad about the whole dining experience.

So if anything, I learned that passions should be shared and not locked inside. It should be expressed and not kept silent. For two years, the thought of putting up this blog has recurred again and again.

Whenever I feel that I am not capable, I am reminded of a Bible verse:
I can do everything through him who gives me strength. (Phil. 4:13)

Yay! This blog is for You! :)

For You Alone,
Sam :)