Monday, April 15, 2013

Mr. Kurosawa (Euro-Japanese) @ Resorts World Manila

It's rare that my family and I go to Resorts World Manila. But since we met someone at the airport, we headed straight to RWM after. At first we had a difficult time choosing where to eat because the restaurants were kind of limited (grouped only at the 6th and 2nd floor I think) and pricey.

Anyway, we chose Mr. Kurosawa solely because we were convinced by the waiters outside that their dishes were for sharing.

But they were not. They were small even for one person. Their menu was nothing out of the ordinary although of course I have yet to taste them (baka naman bumawi sa tatse). Buuut as to what we ordered, they similarly tasted like food in other Japanese restaurants.

That was the Tuna Sashimi for P229.

Wagyu Fried Rice for P299. And yes those are real Wagyu bits-- soft, tender, tasty-- but limited.

Aaaand, the Sizzling Salmon for P338. This I love because the Salmon bits were rich and juicy, I could still taste it even after eating. Although while eating this dish, I remembered what I ate before from Sumo Sam (Sizzling Kani only for P188) and I'd have to say that they offered me the same taste (and even dining) experience.

P.S. They also served Tonkatsu but I think I would still have to go for Yabu in terms of price, taste, and quantity.