Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vikings Buffet @ Mall Of Asia

I totally forgot to blog about our Vikings Buffet experience in Mall of Asia (MOA). Our whole Office Division ate their two weeks ago. The Vikings Buffet just offers so much variety that it was really a challenge for me to come up and organize all the details.

But I will try to recall everything.

It was a weekday and it was lunch time, so we got the P688. I don't know if food choices from our lunch buffet would differ from the dinner buffet. Anyway, the other Vikings Buffet prices in MOA are as follows:
We sat inside the "glass room" with a large TV that played a football game. First station that I saw from there was the sushi, soup, and dimsum bar.

I'm so glad they had my favorites: Chawanmushi (egg custard) and Hakaw (shrimp dumpling). I'm not a fan of sushi though during buffets because they fill up my stomach fast.

Then there are the "food on sticks" like kebab and our version of street food:

And they have lots of seafood choices like baked scallops, and fresh fish and shrimp that you could cook in a hot pot or ask the Vikings in-house cooks to have it grilled for you:

Then they also have the staples of the West like salad, bread, pasta, and pizza. The salad and bread have so many choices of what you could put in, like fruits, nuts, and all sorts of dressings or spread.
 The pasta and pizza have their own "stations" since the in-house cooks will prepare them for you on the spot. So you get to choose which ingredients to put or not to put.

*Catches breath* So. Many. Photos. Anyway, there were also other "ready-to-eat" (meaning, you don't have to mix and match anymore) entrées so you could just get rice and then your choice of their great tasting ulams.

So now let us move on to my favorite part-- desserts! But since there are just too many photos of the desserts, I'll just post one photo then just describe the rest in words. Haha. #fail
GRABE! Their dessert bar is the best! They have halo-halo, chocolate and strawberry fondue, cakes, cupcakes, CHEESE CAKES, flavored jellies, unlimited ice cream and FROZEN YOGURT, different kinds of cereals, gummy stuff like sour tapes, gummy worms, gummy rings, crepe! oh my gosh! I have to post my crepe picture:

HAHA. Then we have unlimited beer too, fresh fruits, fruit shakes, varied juices, coffees, teas, and the Pinoy loved sago't gulaman and malalagkit desserts like bibingka, kutsinta, etc.

It's heaven, really. What I loved is that Vikings banked on having many and efficient in-house cooks and food preparers that makes your experience very customized for you and you alone. Each one would truly have a different experience. Staff is very nice and they always ask you your preferences or for comments.

The place is big but becomes cramped during peak hours. To enjoy all the food, come early for lunch or dinner to get a head start before the whole crowd comes in. Apparently then, WE were the CROWD. :))
Love you all to bits! Until next time!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Barbara's @ Intramuros

Dining at Barbara's is a buffet experience unlike any other.

Well okay... their buffet had limited choices and I can't say that I liked all the dishes, but the place is lovely and the ambiance is romantic. Before spotting Barbara's you could already feel the "antique" vibe of Intramuros having brick roads and Spanish-themed buildings.
There's my blurry mom. We had a date. Fun. ♥

Going inside, we see dark, heavy, and elegant wood furniture all around. We were greeted with very, very, very (I had to say it 3 times to refer to the superlative) friendly, accommodating staff.

Inside Barbara's was festive and cheerful since they had a cultural dance show that showcases the talent of Barbara's staff in so many ways. Some were playing local instruments (like the rondallas and bandurrias) while others danced a lot of variations but of course I remember Tinikling and Pandanggo sa Ilaw.

The cultural show lasted for around 2 hours, then after that waiters would get people from the audience to dance the Tinikling with them. It was fun watching oblivious but "game-na-game" diners learning how to dance. Like I said, the waiters were very friendly. "Smiling waiters" would be an understatement. They were--- errr, bungingis. But in a good way. They're actually contagious. That's why we were all so happy. HAHA.

After audience interaction, the dancers sit on the floor where you can get your pictures taken with them. Still bungisngis after the tiring show.

And so that is why I loved this experience-- More on the service and presentation because if I'd only look at the food, a lot of buffet restaurants would surely defeat them. For P545/ person, they only had rice, pancit bihon, roasted chicken, lumpiang shanghai, fish fillet, beef pares, chicken adobo, vegetable salad, and some desserts. My favorites are the beef pares and fish fillet. Really tasty! Anyway, I also had hot cranberry  tea for P60. Refreshing!

So there. My mom and I stayed a bit longer than usual. Bonding. Yay! We were talking of coming back. And yes we will! Surely with foreigners next time! :))) Bet they will enjoy learning about the Filipino culture thru Barbara's music and dance. :)

FACT: Barbara's is owned by Ms. Barbara G. de los Santos the sister of Dick Gordon and the mother of JC de los Reyes (both presidential candidates last 2010 elections) :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub @ City Golf

I first knew about Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub when my church mates said that they have the best Shawarma in town at affordable prices. Over and over, I hear this Uncle Moe's from them, and so it's official-- it really is a crowd favorite. Might as well try it. :)

Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub is located at City Golf, which is beside Ortigas Home Depot, which is beside Metrowalk.:)) You can only get to City Golf via private transportation or cab. Entrance is along Julia Vargas Avenue, where opening is a bit narrow (one that you might even miss) that leads to a small hill. 

So my church mates Kerbie, Joel, and then I went there on a Friday night.

When we arrived-- it was FULL. A lot of them were drinking. Oh yeah, Uncle Moe's serves beers too. We had to wait around 30 minutes before we were seated down. While waiting for the menu, I took a photo of Kerbie's phone (cute!) besides the apparently UNLIMITED shawarma and hot sauce. Now I get even more excited!
Then we ordered...
Chicken Kebab with Pita Bread (P135)
Beef Shawarma (P110)
Beef Kebab with Buttered Rice (P150)
So yes, it's very affordable. Their most expensive dish is around P198 (Moroccan Fish Fillet).

Well anyway, their food and their sauce are real good!!! :) I bet the Avengers would love them! Can I please post one last picture then? :))))