Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Addi's 1st Birthday

Random post. Last mothers day we celebrated the birthday of my pretty (mana-sa-mommy and ninang) godchild Addi! Which I fondly call Addi Waddi. <3

We had a blast celebrating her birthday with great catering and lots of sweets! And of course the place was just extravagant. I stole the pics, by the way, from the party's official photographer.

It was a heaven for all the sweet tooths. We had unlimited sorbetes (dirty ice cream), candies, cakes and cupcakes, and chocolates. Hooray for dessert wonderland!

Pretty cupcakes, right? It's not just pretty, it's delicious too! (since I hate pretty cakes and cupcakes that "don't taste good as it looks")

Here I had a picture with my "tablemates" which are mostly my friends from high school (and at the extreme left is the mom of Addi) <3
 Spending first birthdays has never been this fun and yummy! :) Happy first birthday Addi!

Your ninang,
Sam :)


  1. Great party! Can we feature it at Baby Lifestyles?

    1. Sure! I will appreciate it if you could send me the link when it's done :)