Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Secret Recipe @ SM Megamall

Secret Recipe-- their cakes will entice you to eat here (Click on the links to check full menu + prices)

They have fresh cream cakes like almond coffee, chocolate chip walnut, white chocolate macadamia, pecan butterscotch, fruity special, green tea, etc. Now where can you find amazing flavors for only P95 a slice? Though okay, their fresh cream cakes are a bit bland as compared to cakes of Red Ribbon. But I bet this one's healthier because of less sugar content.

Aaron* and I tasted the Mango Delight. Behold! Fresh cream and mangoes with a twist of gelatin on top.

Aside from their fresh cream cakes, they have a wide choice of cheesecake flavors (like cappuccino, dark chocolate, espresso, and lemon) for only 150 per slice. Their cheesecakes are waaaay better-- like a crowning glory. lol. For our cheesecake choice, we got the caramel cheese:

The cheese part is super duper yummy since it's thick, creamy, and flavorful-- plus it had randomly placed nuts which was exciting. :)) I also loved the base since it already had a sweet taste of its own. Texture wise it stays intact when you eat it and doesn't crumble too much. Perfect!

Aside from the cakes, we decided to also taste their meals. I had a hard time choosing what to eat because I was torn with Pad Thai or something western. They have so many and diverse categories-- you can choose from Asian, Western, Pasta, Salad, etc.

In the end, I got the Grilled Black Pepper Chicken (P245)-- which was great! The chicken was tender and I loved the sauce-- you can very well taste the pepper but not too much that it overpowers the chicken.

Then Aaron got his mozzarella baked fish (P315). He thought it was ordinary but since I'm biased for juicy white fish meat AND cheese, I loved the combination!
See how they always divide their dishes into three? They always have something green and red to put. At last, a restaurant that cares for your health! :))

Secret Recipe is very ideal if you want something fresh and a variety of cakes for that after meal dessert. So thanks Aaron for the treat!!!!!!:) Two years was a loooooong time. I'm glad we got to see each other again! Until next time! P.S. You still owe me orchids. HAHA.

Thanks again,
Sam :) 
*Aaron and I became friends when we both joined the same campus organization. He graduated Civil Engineering and passed the Board with only a 0.1 to make it to the Top 10. But even with his license, he's working for a... uhm... water specializing company? HAHA. And aims to be a Marine Biologist someday. :))


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