Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Giligan's Restaurant @ Glorietta 5

They say that it's tradition to eat out every time we receive a bonus, so yay! My office mates asked me where we should eat so I suggested John and Yoko, Kitchen, and another one that I forgot. I assumed that we were on a P400 budget (since it's bonus day anyway) but I was wrong! Haha! They wanted it below 200 so we went to our usual "eat-out" place-- Giligan's Restaurant in Glorietta 5. (Disclaimer: I do not know these people, I just took a picture of them. Sorry!)

I'm not a fan of sizzling pork/beef but Giligan's serves great sizzling dishes because of their perfected sauces. This is pulutan at its finest plus they have all sorts of alcoholic beverages. AND, THEY'RE AFFORDABLE TOO usually in "Groupies" (Food good for 4, 5, or 6, with prices ranging to P550 to P1100). They have a clean, yellow-light, and boat-like ambiance (with matching artifacts and props) that makes it even worth it.

Sweet and Sour Squid

Inihaw na Baboy

Sizzling Peppery Steak (it's amazingly tender!)

Lumpiang Shanghai (comes with sweet and sour sauce)

Their famous sisig!

I don't know the individual prices because we ordered a "good for 6" promo plus the sisig, and paid only P200 each. 

In the end, me and my office mates were fully satisfied with the meal and their prices-- all clean plates, see? I also had to take a picture of our waiter who was "buff" and saw his name tag: HAZEL. =)) And I also took a picture of the deep sea diver statue with the LIPTON. I'm a big fan of Lipton Iced Tea! <3 

True enough, you don't really need to spend so much to eat good food! Thanks Ma'am Bless, Sandra, Chriss, and Sir Lester! *It's rare that we get to eat-out together*

Group photo by Mr. Hazel. =))

Can't Get Over Mr. Hazel,
Sam :)


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