Monday, May 7, 2012

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar @ Westgate, Alabang

Once upon a time, I saw this deal for Max Brenner and immediately got one because food there was expensive (so I thought it was a great buy) AND because it was a restaurant specializing in CHOCOLATES! Chocolates!!!!!!!!!!

Unluckily, I thought the Max Brenner was still open in Greenbelt but eventually found out that it was closed so we had to go to their far, far away branch in Alabang.

When Sandra and I reached the well-hid place, we were just excited to taste EVERYTHING. We arrived hungry, tired, and sun-scorched, so imagine how easily it would be to please us (PS. Sorry for the bit grainy photos, we had to use our cellphone cameras).

But, sadly, Max Brenner did not reach our expectations. :( We ordered their pasta and..... nothing special about it. It tasted something that we could order anywhere that's even less their price. Well okay, I did like their chicken topped with cheese and tomatoes.
Chicken Parmigiana (P298)

White Chocolate Carbonara (P268)
Don't let the name fool you, you can't taste it. It just made the pasta a bit sweeter.

Then we also tasted their chocolate shakes which, by the way, tasted so much like those we can buy at Starbucks. Like what Sandra said, "a good restaurant should not taste like any other restaurant".... or something like that. But it's true! It tasted just like Starbucks!

Chococcino (P188)

Rocky Road (P188)

Then we also tasted their legitimate chocolates and, agaaaaiiiin, nothing special... especially their fondue. You know what's funny about our fondue? They didn't have the strawberries that were in the menu's picture.We asked the waitress if our order really did have strawberries, and surprisingly said "YES... wala po ba kayo nun?" and did not do anything about it. *straight face*

Single Serve Chocolate Fondue (P288)
One bowl had fruits (apple, banana, and pear slices-- NO STRAWBERRIES) while the other bowl had pieces of brownies, biscuits, and marshmallows

Chocolate Souffle and Shake (P298)

So.... okay. So-so meal, but what really made this more memorable was that our bill reached around P1600. It was also our fault for pointing and pointing and not looking at the prices.... But I don't think it was "super" worth it. Plus, they had amazing service charge around P140, which was funny because Sandra commented on how the waitress kept dropping utensils on the floor. I bet she even counted the times. Haha. :) 

To end, yeah, I don't know how to end this. O wait. Remember how I said the place was well-hidden? The whole place actually looked like a ghost town. Which is cool.

Thanks Sandra for accompanying me to this very expensive adventure! :)) And for most of the pics!

Until next adventure,
Sam :)


  1. oh no! :| disaster. all this time i thought they are reaaally good. -.-

    1. Me too! :( Okay fine, it's good, but there are other better and cheaper stores. =))