Monday, April 23, 2012

Chocolate Kiss @ U.P. Diliman

Just to share: I distinctly remember. The first time I learned about Chocolate Kiss I was in Grade 3 while reading the book "The Chocolate Touch" by Patrick Skene Catling. Every time I hear of Chocolate Kiss, this book just keeps popping into mind. During that time as a kid, I felt that I might turn my mom into a big block of chocolate.

The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling
So years later, me, my mom, and a friend were in the area so we decided to taste their delightfully yummy cakes.

First cake: The Devil's Food Cake (P80/slice; P800/whole):

The cake is covered with marshmallow frosting that resembles horns/spikes. Inside the layer of sweet and sticky, thick and heavy frosting, lays the light and moist chocolate chiffon cake with chocolate fudge icing. The taste is perfect and surprisingly not too sweet. Its taste also reminds me of Mer-Nel's chocolate cake that's famous in Laguna.

Next is the Classic Chocolate Cake (P108/slice; P1080/whole):

This is my favorite among the cakes we've tasted. Aside from loving the "net"-design of the frosting, I love how the chocolate tastes like Tablea! Tablea just simply reminds me of home. Its taste is unique and very familiar to Filipinos. It tastes a bit bitter and resembles the taste of dark chocolate.

Next is a healthy option of cake flavor, the Date Walnut Cake (P80/slice; P800/whole):

Dates have many benefits-- so does walnuts. So if you don't wanna have cake because you're watching your "die-t", then you'll have no excuses with this one. You can even scrap-off the beautifully designed icing and still have a cake that actually tastes like one.

Next cake is the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake (P120/slice; P1200/whole):

This one tasted pretty normal to me, but this was the favorite of my two companions. Sure it tastes good but I guess I've just tasted more and better ones. Cheesecakes vary from taste to texture. So for this one, the cheese part is dense, solid, and creamy, slightly salty, though I wasn't able to grasp the whole chocolate chip thing.

For the ambiance, it isn't THAT fancy, but at least you get to eat really good cakes (even their meals looks tasty too!). In the building, they already have two "branches". The one at the 2nd floor has a better, romantic ambiance (yellow lighting!) but it opens a bit later.

Aside from the cakes we've tasted, they have more unique cake flavors like Sour Cream Cheesecake, Kahlua Butter Cake, Dayap Chiffon Cake, etc. For their whole menu, check here.

And lastly, I saw this girl beside us choosing tea from a wooden box. Out of curiosity I called the waiter and asked what that was. Here it is:

They sell one pack for P60 (hot) or P75 (iced with honey). It's SUPER GOOD! I never expected tea to taste so flavorful. I tried the Four Red Fruits (Cherry, Redcurrant, Raspberry and Strawberry) because kuya said it was their bestseller. No doubt about that.

And so the experience was just wonderful. Chocolate Kiss truly lives up to their motto:
"Serving the Good Stuff!"
Always Good,
Sam :)

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  1. Great blog, Sam! Tablea reminds me of home, too :) Great pics! Keep writing :)

    1. Thank you!! This is really doing beyond comfort zone :))

  2. Notice that most of their staff are macho men.

    Long time no contact Sam. <3

    1. BA as in B3i? HAHA :) Or naaaat.
      And oh! Oo nga noh! Not just men-- Macho Men! :)) Do you know why? *curious*

    2. Yes, that BA. Bwehehehehe. Naglogin kasi ako sa YM after a looooong time and nakita ko itong blog ko.

      Ewan ko kung bakit puro macho men. Aapply sana ako kaso mataba ako. :))

  3. Also, you can buy a box of Twining's tea sa Rustan's. Around P300 for 25 sachets, I think. Meron ding 4 red fruits, and favorite ko rin siya. Just grab a bottle of honey along with it. :)

  4. Love their devil's food cake & kahlua butter cake! <3