Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cakes by Monsie

I have this really good friend, Monsie Cardenas (right of picture), and she bakes the most unique cakes! My friend and I went to her house in New Manila. She invites friends over for cake tasting so we can suggest improvements, if any.  What I like about her is that she can adjust ingredients and taste that the customers prefer.

For our cake tasting, we had Red Velvet (fully coated with Cream Cheese icing) and Cadbury Chocolate Sansrival. Got the pics from her Facebook account:
The Red Velvet cake has a chocolate base. I prefer Vanilla, so Monsie can easily tweak that. :) I think her Red Velvet costs around P1,000. And her Cadbury Chocolate Sansrival is cheaper (around P800 I think)  and has a meringue base so the con is that you can't 'over-expose' it. You have to eat it immediately or it will lose its chewiness. Which won't be a problem since it's too delicious to not eat it asap!

Her future projects are delightful! Here are sample pictures also from her account:
Ferrero Cupcakes

Butterfinger cake

 Chocolate Wasted Cake

Cookie Dough Cheesecake

I think she's also gonna make Toblerone Cakes too. :) Can't wait for the next tasting!

I just love Monsie! She does cupcakes, cookies, cakes, pies, everything! She has huge ovens in her house, which she also uses to bake pandesal every morning to sell ;) Cool! And, and, and, she studied baking and pastry making at Heny Sison-- the best cake maker in the country. So this makes Monsie 1,000 times cooler!

If you wanna order her pastries, text Monsie at 0917-822-2511 (Globe) or 0932-843-6671 (Sun).

A True Monsie Fan,
Sam :)


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    1. Yup! She does everything! Monsie's the best! Plus she doesn't overprice. ;)