Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homemade Brigadeiros a.k.a. Choco Fudge Truffles

One working day I browsed through my best friend's page, and saw that she made these Brigadeiros ("National Truffle of Brazil"). They're named that way because of the late Eduardo Gomes, a Brazilian Air Force brigadier, who ran for presidency. His wife used to make these candies during his events. He lost the elections by the way. But that doesn't mean that these treats aren't tasty! They were so good that the people even named it after him!

 I learned that they were so easy to make so I couldn't wait to go home that day! I bought the ingredients on the way home: 2 big cans of condensed milk, cocoa powder, a bit of butter, small cupcake wrappers, and guess what they didn't have? Choco sprinkles! :( They also didn't have confectioner's sugar which I wanted to use as substitute. So I ended up with chocolate chips instead.

Ohhh...kay. Not as appealing as choco sprinkles, but it do gives you better texture and a nice crunch to every bite. Plus since the chips are semi-sweet and slightly bitter, it contrasts with the taste of the condensed milk.

Next time I'll experiment with more add-ons like fruits or nuts. I tried computing the cost of one truffle, 5 pesos would do it justice. By the way, do you like the cupcake wrappers? The chick is adorable. I darkened the picture a bit so you can see the chick clearly. lol.

Lastly, let me give credit to my online mentors: Street Smart Brazil and their instructional video

Sam :)


  1. bring us choco fudge truffles with pistachio nuts next time! hekhek.. BTW, i think you have what it takes to be a great patissier (sarap eh)!naks! ^_^

    1. HAHA! Thank you!!! :) I hope I can buy an oven soon.

  2. Wow, sarap! Subukan ko rin kaya ito? Hehe :)

    1. Yup! Super dali! :) Check out link in post for complete recipe! :)