Monday, April 23, 2012

Crepes & Cream @ Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

Before heading to Crepes & Cream, we went across Rustan's Supermarket located inside the mall. I really love their section where you can eat salad and pasta that YOU created. Here's the salad area. I wasn't able to inquire of the prices though. Will have to taste this next time. But for now, don't you just love the vivid colors of each ingredient?

So.... Off to Crepes & Cream with the family! (spot my mom over the counter)

Crepes & Cream offers cheap desserts (P100-P150) and yet will make you full-- bloated, actually. Their desserts are heavy since each crepe may have whipped cream, ice cream, syrup, fruits, brownies, cookies, chocolate, etc. all tucked neatly inside a tasty crepe.

When it's finished it will look like this: (Stuffed with yummy goodies!)

 And you eat it first like this: (so that it the next few minutes, it would be "biteable")

I'm not a fan of crepes, but if you're looking for desserts that will make you full, this is a good choice. Try capuchoco-- stuffed with brownies and capuccino ice cream. They have 8 branches to choose from, and since crepes are not that a craze (like frozen yogurts or milk teas), they always have good seats if you wanna have that ultimate bonding time over something sweet :)

Sam :)


  1. The respect desert seems Delicious. As it has other branches, travelers creamy dessert lovers would have better chance to taste it .

  2. I been craving on this desert for a long time. I miss my bbf who is so good with this dessert but sad to say she's busy on her career. I will pay you a visit next time I am in the city.