Friday, June 8, 2012

Announcement: Microwarehouse Sale and "Shoe In Love" Sale

Ack. This month of June has really been quiet for me. I am on a deliberate/intentional mission to save up for July because I'm treating my family to Puerto Princesa, Palawan to see one of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO's) World Heritage Sites in the country:
The Underground River! (Photo taken from: Inside My Backpack since I don't have my own pictures yet *winks stupidly*) Lovely, isn't it? So I have to turn down "eating dates" for this lovely thing.

I'm even excited for the food! Seafood in Palawan, they say, is great. Fresh stingray and eels. And I heard they have maggots. I have yet to explore. 

Anyway, since I don't have anything else to say, here are some big events this coming weeks:
I'm not a techie, but my friends say that they sell relatively cheap gadgets here. I was browsing through blogs regarding last year's Microwarehouse Sale and it had a lot of negative reviews mostly because the prices are still the same and they sell a lot of old models (which, I suppose, techies hate since they always want to be updated). 

Theeeen, there's also a mega shoe saaaale: (Entrance Fee at P50)

THIS I am excited about. :)) But I won't be going to any of this since, as I said, I have the Operation Palawan thing. P.S. This weekend I'll be going to Clark, Pampanga. Excited to post about it next week! Have a happy weekend everyone! :)


  1. Speaking of seafood in Palawan, try KALUI.

    Their seafood is awe-SAM (awesome)! Hahaha! Too bad I don't have food photos back then. Hindi pa uso eh. lol

    1. I heard! Will definitely try that out! :D Thanks, Fei! Cookies on Saturday?

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