Thursday, June 14, 2012

Starbucks' Asian Twist

Last June 14 (Tuesday), Starbucks Philippines launched its new set of pastries, drinks, and desserts that aims to infuse Asian flavor into its known niche of Western flavors.

For the pastries, they have:

I'm much excited for this trio since I love Starbucks' line of bread and sandwiches. They're healthy, tasty, and filled with awesome goodness. I haven't tried the new ones yet but I'd taste the Beef and Mushroom Pie first then the Bacon and Cheese second. Not so much of a Parmigiana fan.

Then they also have new drinks: (Ah, now this is Asian)
Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino is inspired by the Japanese Hojicha tea that's different from other teas since this type is roasted instead of steamed, giving off a "toasty" flavor. Then the Red Bean Green Tea that pretty reminds me of the Red Beans we so love in our Halo-Halos!

They have a promo on-going right now to entice the public to try out their new line.We got to hurry! Promo is only from June 12 (Tuesday) to 17 (Sunday). Oh, don't forget to greet your dad a Happy father's day on the 17th!

Then of course, the caaaaakes:
Okay, so here's the story: KC invited me to a "sudden lunch out" when, afterwards, we craved for dessert. We were originally planning to buy ice cream, but we ended up in Starbucks instead. Then we saw the new cakes *wide eyes here*

The Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake is exquisite! It's creamy and light and has the right amount of sweetness to satisfy a dessert craving. Well, the green tea flavor isn't that dominant, but having that tiny hint is perfect. It's a must try! The Purple Yam Cake, meanwhile, is very Filipino and I love how Starbucks now embraces Filipino traditional sweets.
Got this picture from KC. Thanks for the 20-peso treat! HAHA. Sorry, I forgot to pay you! Let's try the other new ones as well next time? :) I heard they're on sale only for a limited time.

For more details, visit the Starbucks Philippines site. They have enticing descriptions for each item if you still need some push to try these out. :)))))


  1. was supposed to try the beef mushroom pie but ended up getting a french toast!:) will try it next time. i wanna taste the ube cake too.

    1. Lol, that's okay. Their french toast is a load yummy too :))

    2. yah it's good but i prefer the fruit & nut toast they had before. tried the ube cake already.. super yumm!