Monday, June 25, 2012

Cotton Candy Love

It's been a while since I last drew something. The last time was during college when we were required to submit storyboards. So last night, I pulled out some materials and since my last blog browse was about cotton candies and Maggie's blog, here's what I came up with:

"Fairy Tales and Cotton Candy Dreams" (Soft Pastel on Paper)

It was my first time to use soft pastel (like chalk) and it was difficult to be precise. The colors kept smudging. But after a while, I enjoyed mixing and blending the colors that made a soft overall look to the drawing.

Then here are some of my favorite cotton candy photos from Pinterest:

I was amazed on how people experiment with cotton candy to complement well-known drinks and desserts, like for example:

Cotton Candy Meringue and Cake

Cupcakes, and...

Drinks! Coffee or Martini (with cotton candy), anyone?

I remember as a kid, I would treat myself to a cup of cotton candy ice cream from Baskin-Robbins after school. It was my favorite flavor from BR. I was one of those who mourned when its Katipunan shop closed down. Good-bye to 30+ flavors of ice cream. :( Sadly, we don't have Baskin-Robbins in the country anymore.


Right now, a warfare is going on in my mind: whether to post drawings here or not.
 Since I want a "food blog", I'm supposed to stick to food/ product reviews and less on the personal side. Plus, my latest blog posts were more about inspiration/ photographs from other blogs, rather than reviews or recipes.

So, I thought of putting up another blog so I could be free to write and upload anything I like. But the thought was immediately rejected since I can't (-slash-I don't like to) maintain two blogs.

*Sigh* The last thing I want for this blog is for it to have an identity crisis. But okay. I really can't make another blog so I just have to do this. =)) Personal stuff will now be categorized under: RANDOM.
Besides, I stick to the blog's motto of good things are meant to be shared-- 
whatever that is.:)


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