Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kanin Club @ Ayala Triangle

Today was the second time Sir Lester treated us for lunch because of *tooot*. I can't tell you why since he's keeping it a secret. ;) The first time was at Chili's during their Annual Big Mouth Burger Day. So again, thanks! We hope for more success to come! :))

We ate at Kanin Club (KC), Ayala Triangle. It's a Pinoy-inspired restaurant that serves yummy adobo, sinigang, kare-kare, dinuguan, and more traditional flavors. The choice was perfect since we recently celebrated the Philippine Independence Day. Connect, connect.

Anyway, KC serves delicious Pinoy food with a twist. They have surprised us with...

Sinigang na Sinangag a.k.a. Dry Sinigang (P224)
Where the taste of sinigang explodes in every mouthful even without the soup

 Crispy Dinuguan (P261)
Crispy pork bits (like Chicharon) in Dinuguan sauce (and yes! minus the liver!)

Adobo Combo
Chicken, Pork, and Liver-- all in one dish; plus its consistency is not "watery" which I love, and yet there's not that much oil too

Kare-Kare (P358)
Kare-Kare was overflowing. They have pork, veggies, and yum!-- beef tripe (twalya), cooked in peanut sauce and served with bagoong

Their KC Turon a la mode is also their best seller but we didn't order since we were all so full. After eating, despite the far distance from the office, we decided to walk to hopefully burn what we ate. :)) A must try, especially for groups and especially if you're craving for something Filipino.

Photos by Sandra


  1. my fave is the sinigang na baka and seafood salpicao! <33

  2. I never knowledgeable anything bad there. I do not care if the woman at the entry is frowning, that's not what i go there for. Plus i never go there during prime time. It is ridiculous to anticipate outstanding assistance is the position is flooded with starving people.